Misleading Myths When Exercise in the Gym

Fitness center or commonly known as the gym has become part of the urban lifestyle today. Not only in urban areas, where the gym is also began to plague rural areas.

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This is a sign that a healthy lifestyle is not just limited discourse, but has become a necessity for our society today.

There are various motivations of someone who wants to practice in the gym. Start of wanting to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or get the ideal body shape. But sometimes the appearance of myths circulating about training in the gym often backfire for those who want to achieve maximum results. Though these myths sometimes can not be proven scientifically.

What are these myths?

New Used Cardio Weight Training
Many who come to the gym and start with 30-45 minutes of cardio exercises are new to weightlifting. Assuming, cardio first so the fat can be burned and then the new build muscle. Something like that thinking people who want to lose weight. Though that's not exactly what happened.

30-45 minutes of cardio exercises only burn blood sugar, while weight training after cardio requires blood sugar. If you do this then maybe you will feel sluggish and less energy while weight training.

As a result, the body will take the energy from protein to replace depleted blood sugar while cardio at the beginning of the exercise, and the protein will be taken from your muscles!

Well, what should you do? Perform a new weight training cardio first. This will make your body burn fat more efficiently. If you feel hungry in the first 10-15 minutes of cardio, keep because it means that your body begins to burn fat.

Increasing Increasing Sweat fat burned
The myth that is still attached firmly in the minds of dietmania. They think that the more sweat more and more fat is burned. If this theory is correct, it means you do not need laborious exercise, simply basking in the hot sun until your body sweat let his weight down.

Sweat is produced by glands under the skin that serves to maintain body temperature and is not indicative of how much fat is burned, because if you practice at cold temperatures and not sweating, whether this means that the body does not burn fat?

To be sure the body is still burning fat, because once again the sweat is not a measure of how much fat is burned.

Weight Training for Raising not only slimming
Many of these you are just doing cardio and weight training leave to lose weight.

Basically, fat burning occurs in muscle cells. If you have a well-trained muscles, the more likely you are to burn fat and lose weight.

To lose weight, whether male or female, should always include weight training. Combine weight training with cardio exercise for optimal fat burning.

Strength training needs energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which will run out and produced again at rest. Interestingly, the process of formation of ATP is to use fat as fuel.
That's why weight training should not you leave if you want to lose weight.

Sit Up to Slender distended stomach
Many say if you want to shrink the stomach, many-many sit ups. Then there is also that, "I had to sit up hundreds of times but still have a distended abdomen why?".

Sit ups are exercises to train the abdominal muscles, not to burn the fat in the abdomen. Muscle and fat are two different things, and ironically, sit ups hundreds of times will not burn fat in your belly.

Logically, if you have chubby cheeks and want to look skinny, if you will train your cheeks every day?

So how? Applying a diet high in protein and low in calories and balanced combination of weight training and cardio is the best way to help burn fat, including your stomach.

Now, if you still believe these myths or begin to make changes to get the most out of the exercise you do?


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