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Many of the activities that can be done while snacking can add to the pleasure of snacking. Well while watching television, working at the computer and so on.

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Snack choices were varied, ranging from chocolate, crisps, and even fried. Whose name is little food or snack is a small amount, but unknowingly be consumed in large quantities. As a result, the body will potentially add excess calories and weight, especially if consumed unhealthy snack.

Why Snacking Want?
Urge to snack usually occurs when the body's stomach feels hungry or need extra sugar. Impulse snacking can also arise due to emotional impulse, either when looking at or smell the food tempting though you're not hungry stomach.

Indeed snacking habits are not prohibited even are recommended by practitioners diet. The goal is to reduce the appetite to avoid eating large meals when the main meal arrived. Condition, snack consumed must be healthy and low in calories.

Snacking can also arise from the habit when I was a kid who likes to snack. But in particular those habits will decrease with age, although most remain in the habit.

What Happens If There Snacking?
As described above that snacking is useful for controlling the appetite of eating high-calorie blindly. Most can not let go of his snacking habits. Not a bad thing indeed, but when consumed is unhealthy snack then you should start to reduce this habit.

Snacking habits can not be stopped immediately as someone who has been accustomed to snacking, they will get used to secrete gastric stomach acid to digest food. When the activity is stopped snacking, the stomach acid coming out could hurt the stomach and make abdominal pain.

Therefore, you should still continue your snacking activity but changing menu with healthier snacks.

Choosing Healthy Snacks
As described above that in order to remain a habit of snacking habits healthy snack consumed it should be low in calories and rich in nutrients. Avoid snacks that many use MSG (monosodium glutamate), because this is what can make a person addicted to eat again and again.

Also avoid snack too much sugar, salt, and food coloring. Choose natural foods that are provided directly by nature such as nuts, grains and dairy. You can also try vegetables and fresh fruits for vitamins and minerals will keep your immune system to stay fit throughout the day.

If you like the biscuits, then replace your regular crackers with wheat crackers. In addition to providing regular freelance carbohydrates (make full longer) wheat biscuits also provide dietary fiber for your body. This dietary fiber absorbs cholesterol and remove it from the body.

You can also combine this healthy snack. For example, with wheat crackers dipped in fat-free yogurt or peanut butter mengolesinya you've prepared from home.

Examples of Healthy Snacks
Calcium is in the yogurt will help maintain bone density and strengthen you. While helping you avoid osteoporosis. Bkateri either contained in yogurt are also good for digestive health.

This is an ideal snack choice, because the fruit is rich in fiber. Sugar content in bananas is low, so is the melon, papaya, and guava. Apple and pear usually be the favorite choice in weight loss programs. But, you know, pisanglah which remain a champion. Because, potassium-rich bananas. These are substances that help maintain normal blood pressure levels, helps muscle health, including preventing muscle cramps, and an excellent source of energy. Bananas are also easily digested by the body.

All clear broth soup is always a good choice compared to the creamy soup. Soups are a source of energy and nutrition perfect because they have such a combination of vegetables and fresh fruits are ready to supply your body with vitamins and minerals.

Whole Grain
Wheat and dairy enriched with fiber to lower the bad cholesterol in the blood. The content of the wheat avenanthramides not only protects against heart disease, but these antioxidants can also prevent arteries from hardening. Avenanthramides works by suppressing the production of molecules that allow to prevent hardening of the arteries.

If you want a tasty snack-savory bean is a pretty good alternative. Fat and protein content is more secure than potato chips. However, do not select beans mixed with oil (fried) and high salt content. Good portion is a small handheld hand.

So, who's to say it is not good snacking?


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