Ethics in the Gym, Muscle Shaping Also Need Manners

Are you disciplined in training in the gym? Have you ever reprimanded someone while training in the gym? Maybe there are some things you do not understand. Every gym has certain rules and ethics that must be adhered to every person who practiced there.

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Some gym usually post notices of rules about what can and can not do. You would never find a person who is very annoying when you're practicing in the gym. Sometimes they are not aware of what they are doing, you may even like it.

Well, here are some ethics while practicing in the gym you need to know and apply, among others:

Orderly & Neat
After using the equipment, keep the load back in its proper place so that other people had no trouble finding the load when it will be used.

Never Shout
Some people scream out loud when lifting weights to make it look great. But they do not realize that other people might be disturbed.

Do not Patronize
Do not tell others what they should do even if the posture and movement picked wrong, unless they ask you to give advice.

Ensure yourself neat and clean at all times. Always use new clothes while practicing, and keep your gear in place good.

Do not be too much chatting
Some people go to the gym because just wanted to socialize. But most people come to the gym to shape the body and gain fitness, not for chatting.

Use a clean towel
Always use clean towels and new every time you exercise to wipe your sweat to avoid dripping and dripping everywhere. Clean up your sweat on the equipment after use.

Do not make a noise
You must have felt disturbed by loud clanging noise of the load fell violently. Save the load and use a machine with a soft and careful. Due to rough treatment will make the damaged equipment at once disturbing others. Use weights that correspond to your ability to lift.

Do not curse
Some people sometimes swore as not being able to lift weights or frustration during practice. You may not be disturbed, but perhaps those who hear you may be offended calumny indirectly.

Engine modifications
Never attempt to modify the machine, always use the machine for what it is. Modification of the machine causes a very high risk of injury to be good for you and for others. In addition, this action can also damage the machine.

Do not smoke
Never smoked in the gym, because it would interfere with pernasapan. Smoke outside the gym, but you should stop smoking because it will reduce the adverse health and exercise performance.

Get used to ask before practicing
Always ask permission before you memint and practice in an exercise machine if there is someone who is there. If it is allowed, adjust the load force with your power. If they do not allow, wait until they finish or do other types of exercise.

Pay attention to comfort others
Do not move too close to the workout bench bench others. Because there are several types of exercises that require more space to do so, in addition, it can also interfere with the person who is going to walk.

Do not laugh at others
Is strictly prohibited laugh at people when you see they are not able to lift weights like you. You should provide motivation, and even then if they ask for criticism and suggestions from you.

sharing space
If someone asks you to share and take turns using exercise machines, give them the opportunity. If you do not feel comfortable sharing the place because they use a very heavy weight, say it well.

Do not spit
There are some people who tend to spray saliva when lifting a load, make sure there are no people around you.

Indeed there are some rules and ethics are not dicamtumkan gym. You'll want to evaluate themselves and occasionally see other people's behavior while practicing, what they do and what they do and do not make it as a lesson. Congratulations practice.


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