7 food weight loss diet

If you arrive hungry do not only consume foods that can make a full stomach, but choose foods that can make you slim while eating them.

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There is a wide choice of food around us which can be selected as a healthy diet can also help you lose weight. In fact you do not need to pay expensive to get it. The following 7 slimming foods that you can try.

Apples in calories, fat, and low sodium, but high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. Your weight will decrease assisted by nutrients in various ways. Fiber in apples will keep you full longer so help control your appetite.

Apples are low-sodium foods are very good for the diet. Keeping to avoid excess sodium intake will help prevent water retention that causes the body to store more water so it makes you gain weight. Excess sodium is also closely associated with increased blood pressure.

And, vitamins in apples will improve your health and vitality so that you can move more optimal. Of course, physical activity we do every day will help burn extra calories in the body so as to accelerate the process of weight loss.

Researchers from Ohio State University reveals that the vitamins contained in avocados can prevent the growth of cancer-causing cells. Avocado is a healthy source of calories and contains no saturated fat so that the right choice for weight loss.

One fresh avocado fruit contains 110.2 mcg or 27% meet daily folate requirement. In addition, the acid content of 1.9 mg pantotenatnya (19% meet the needs) that play a role in metabolism as part of coenzyme A, which helps to carry molecules in the process of breakdown of glucose, fatty acid metabolism and energy.

According to a research conducted by researchers at Texas Woman's University, blueberries can break down fat cells and inhibit the formation of new fat tissue in mice, it makes blueberries into a powerful weapon to tackle obesity.

Substances of blueberries that have the ability to break down fat is polyphenols, a group of chemical compounds that are also found in other fruits. The results showed that polyphenols can cut the fat cells up to 73 percent when given in high doses and 27 percent at the lowest dose.

According to The American Cancer Society Broccoli is a vegetable that has a high enough fiber so it is good to prevent constipation, stomach full longer and helps remove cholesterol in the body. Iron contained in broccoli is very well those of you who suffer from anemia, because broccoli is also good to add your blood.

According to the journal Obesity, wheat is also efficacious to reduce hidden fat inside the abdomen that can lead to heart disease. Whole wheat is the best source of fiber and can make the stomach full longer than refined grain.

When buying grain products, select that reads 'whole' on the packaging. Products made from whole grains such as whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, or brown rice provide fiber, vitamins and minerals more good to help you lose weight.

The content of protein in salmon can prevent loss of muscle mass, giving a sense of satiety, and can be as a fat-burning machine to build muscle. According to the American Heart Association, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids are very good. These fats also help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Not only proteins found in salmon, but the content of keratin which also serves to maintain the growth of hair and nails, as well as collagen which can maintain skin elasticity.

sweet potato
Of natural foods in the top row, the food this one is the simplest. But behind the simplicity of this food stored variety of healthy benefits for the body. One of them help you lose weight.

Sweet potatoes contain high fiber. Medium-size sweet potatoes baked with skin contains 3.8 pounds of fiber. According to the American Dietetic Association institutes, high-fiber diet will help you lose weight. Sweet potato and types of high-fiber foods to lose weight support program for suppressing hunger. Fiber foods make your stomach always feel full with fewer calories only.

Sweet potato including the category of low-glycemic index, which means do not make blood sugar rise. Eating sweet potatoes and food are included in the low-glycemic index can help you lose weight.


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