Do not Fear Many Eating If you want to Lose Weight

Most people think of a diet as activity starve amain, so consider all food as the cause of their obesity.

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This then makes a person feel miserable with a diet that is undertaken. Whereas the correct diet is not like that. There is no prohibition to eat in a healthy diet. Even for certain foods you can eat them in large numbers.

Well, want to know how to eat a lot of food but do not make you fat? Here's how as reported by Health.

Expand Fruits and Vegetables
Every meal do not forget to add fruits and vegetables into your dish. In addition to making a full stomach faster, fruits and vegetables can supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals that can support weight loss. You can also fruits and vegetables as a snack without fear of fat.

Salad or Soups Before Main Dishes
Before eating the main course which is usually high in calories, it would not hurt you to eat a salad or soup that has been provided. Salads and soups are a combination of vegetables and fruits are certainly healthy to eat and filling. So, you do not need to eat the main course excessive.

Select Protein and Fat
You'd be surprised, want to lose weight why even eat fat? That means you have not read this article -> Burn fat by eating fat.

Protein and fat are two important nutrients that can make your stomach full faster than usual carbs. Moreover, the protein is a muscle-forming raw material, as the initial capital to get into shape.

Source of protein you can get from egg whites, chicken breast, bacon. While you can get healthy fats from nuts, fish, olive oil, avocado and many more.

So, do not be afraid to eat if you want to lose weight.


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