Eat fat with fat fuel, How come?

For many people, fat is that it has to be removed far away from the list nutrition that must be consumed when diet.

Eat fat with fat fuel, How come?

Fat is considered as the cause weight increase in current as well as on the trigger for the emergence of health problems. But in the last few years not a few people started to open their hearts to fat.

They are aware that not all fats evil and should be avoided. Even some experts diet world also recommends that, if they want to burn fat You should eat fat. How come?

Burn fat with fat
The body of a man is an organism adaptive that regulate hormone secretion and production of the enzyme based on our food.

When you mengasup carbohydrates, your body will use it as a source of energy and keep rest in the cells fat. When you mengasup proteins, the body will use it as the raw material forming cells and muscle tissue. Then what would happen if You need to consume the fat?

Now we take, for instance fat content that was found in virgin coconut oil. In the oil palm is a fat content that is called Medium Chain Triglyceride (HIGH MCT) or fatty acid chains medium-sized companies that have the gastrointestinal tract quickly so that the body can immediately use it as fuel.

When the body to metabolize stored fat with as soon as possible, the process of metabolism HIGH MCT will generate ketone. Ketone is a product a pariah from cellular metabolism HIGH MCT. When the body does not have enough glucose, their hearts (from liver trouble) will change the fat to acid ketone, which is used as fuel by the muscles.

Eat fat with fat fuel, How come?

Ketone also plays an important role in helping supplying fuel cells from a central nervous system and tissue, and we in the body, especially when these cells need fuel from fat molecule.

A study published in Obesity Research and in the International Journal of Obesity and related Metabolic disorders, reported that by adding HIGH MCT into the menu diet effectively can increase burning fatty acid.

They assert that eat fat can burn fat. Of course this research needs more than just eat fat to burn fat, but intake carbohydrate also becomes an important factor for weight loss, including choosing intake fat that are appropriate and healthy.

Carbohydrate could trigger a heap fat
As we know that carbohydrates can trigger the release insulin. Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood sugar and control Insulin also plays a role in the development the cells in the body. Including the muscle cells and fat.

Insulin do this in various different mechanism, but two that most important is regulations insulin from lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

LPL have functions similar to glucosa transporter (work of fatty acid and), i.e. interesting sugar from fat cells and muscles to be converted into energy or is stored as fat in fat cells and as glycogen in muscle cells.

With the nature that is similar to work of fatty acid and, LPL also diregulasikan by insulin but only in the cell fat. When insulin increased, LPL in fat cells also increased to enable LPL to attract the cells fat out.

Insulin posseses stock exchange rather in muscle cells. When insulin rose, the body will reduce functions and concentration LPL in muscles. Disadvantages is, the muscles could not be burned fat efficiently and the fat that did not apply will be stored fat cells back in.

Eat fat with fat fuel, How come?

Even a study published in British Journal of Nutrition reported that the breakfast with food carbonated, the muscle cells are more difficult to burn fat.

Well, apply diet low carbohydrate, high protein and fat healthy seems to be able to become the most wise to achieve your goal weight.

A source The fat Healthy to Reduce Body Weight
Here are some food source fat healthy that needs to be put in your diet to help reduce body weight:

these kinds of fish fatty that is good to be consumed are salmon, tuna, and sardine. These fish have a lot Omega-3 fatty acids that are very compared to other fish.

Type of fat does not get bored it can be useful to help control blood pressure and reduce blood clotting, it also helps reduce the blood cholesterol. For that, it is advisable to include kinds of fish in your menu.

beans can help reduce the level of cholesterol if included as part of menu dinner your day-to-day. Fat contained nuts are the type of fat does not get bored, so it can help you to reduce the level of cholesterol the body.

Canola, cashew, peanut, and hazelnut is a good from the type of fat does not get bored single. While walnut contains no fat polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 that is quite high.

Olive Oil
olive oil has many benefits, one of them is to maintain heart health. This oil contains saturated fat is not a single, and have a positive impact on experienced high cholesterol.

Olive oil Use when cooking, avoid using butter or oil palm that contains saturated fat. When using oil zitun, then pour through spoon, do not directly poured out of the bottle so that you know how much oil that you use.

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