If you want Muscular Big, Better Consumption 8 Foods

When you are building muscle to run the program to add weight or establishing ideal body, then you'll be confronted on a nutrition support to maximize the target you.
If you want Muscular Big, Better Consumption 8 Foods
There is a wide choice of supporting muscle building nutrients you can get from your food around. Even if you would not think these foods have a high effect for your muscle building.

What are these foods, the following 8 of which are:

Egg White

One of the keys has succeeded in the world of bodybuilding athletes have large muscle mass is, they are very familiar with the eggs (especially egg whites) and always incorporate these foods into their diets. With the ratio of protein and fat 60: 1, egg whites become one of the best protein sources are good and most accessible to date.

Containing 80 percent protein, egg whites are also more easily absorbed by the body to process protein synthesis. Not only that, these healthy foods are also fortified with various vitamins and minerals essential to support the formation of muscle.

Chicken Breast and Turkey
Chicken breast and turkey are the most familiar source of protein among bodybuilders. Besides the delicious taste and appetizing, chicken breast contains 48 percent protein / dish of turkey breast while the protein content could reach 73 per cent of protein / serving.

Mackerel is a family of tuna but has Omega-3 that is higher than the tuna. Omega-3 is used for reducing chronic inflammation due to intense exercise and muscle hypertrophy process. Mackerel also contain a variety of other nutrients such as zinc to maintain levels of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in the formation of muscle.

A study in 2011 found that adding zinc (zinc) in athletes who perform strenuous exercise can increase testosterone levels and increase the chances of muscle hypertrophy.

Fruit Bits
Nitrate content that naturally found in the fruit of bit claimed could improve performance training. A study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that consume 2 bit size is one hour before exercise can improve performance exercise as well as reduce fatigue practice, so that it could be practiced more for a long time and enlarge your chance to get maximum muscle development.

Pure Milk Chocolate
When you run out of milk protein, pure chocolate milk could be the right option. Milk chocolate is a simple combination of whey protein and casein. The content of sugar in chocolate milk serves as an energy source during exercise as well as essential nutrients to maximize recovery.

Research comparing the sports drink containing carbohydrates and electrolytes with pure milk chocolate. As a result, pure chocolate milk proved to be better synthesize glycogen in muscle, prevent muscle loss, and maximize the formation of new muscle cells after exercise.

Another advantage of pure milk chocolate is antioxidant. Studies suggest that the antioxidant content of chocolate may reduce stress and speed recovery setleha strenuous exercise.

Almond contains alfatokoferol, the best form of vitamin E that faster absorbed by the body. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that are useful to prevent free radicals after you practice, so that the muscles will be more quick recovery and growth. In addition, vitamin E that there are in canola can prevent you from a disease skin. Minimum of one to two handfuls canola every day will help you increase muscle development more optimal.

Not only is the protein that the body needs to build muscle. The body also needs carbohydrates off periodically to support the formation of new muscle cells. This type of carbohydrate you can get the sweet potato. Traditional food is fairly easy to obtain with a very friendly price. If you are not hooked by the sweet potato oatmeal can be used as alternatives. Why does the body need carbohydrates off periodically?

When you exercise, muscle glycogen becomes the primary energy source. When the body's glycogen levels begin to decrease as a result of strenuous exercise, the intensity of your workout will also be decreased. In fact, it could be your body will take muscle as an energy source so that the muscle was not to develop because of burn out.

This is why carbs off periodically so that your body gets the required intake of carbohydrates (energy source) consistently without the need to retrieve it from your muscle cells.

Remember that the body is 70 percent of your body is made up of water. Muscle cells, blood flow, and almost all the organs of your body is composed of fluids. When you run a program of muscle formation, essential nutrients are not supposed to leave. Keeping the body hydrated is an important factor that develops your muscles look.

Water also serves as a medium for transport of nutrients into muscle cells, making it more efficient and effective in delivering nutrients from the food you eat. 8-9 glasses of water per day is the recommended amount. These needs can be more depending on your level of daily activity.

Now you do not need to be confused anymore determining what foods are appropriate to support your muscle building program. 8 above foods can vary each day so that your diet is not boring.


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