More Muscle Body Shape Optimal Nutrition With These Two

Testosterone has been shown to be useful to increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle growth in the body, especially for those who exercise regularly in order to get the ideal shape of the muscle.

More Muscle Body Shape Optimal Nutrition With These Two

Have previously tried many bodybuilding prohormone that is expected to be effective to increase testosterone levels in order to stronger muscles. However, one study showed that the prohormone is not the right choice to increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle mass because there are side effects associated with hormonal abnormalities.

So what supplements are safe and effective for raising testosterone levels?
The answer is ZMA that has been proven to be clinically useful to increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength in athletes and helps regulate sleep patterns good.

ZMA is a supplement of vitamins and minerals is Zinc (zinc) and Magnesium plays an important role in the formation of muscle mass.

Zinc or zinc in the Indonesian language is very important in many chemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis and cell energy. Zinc is able to regulate the production of T cells that play a role in enhancing the immune system, in addition to zinc also provides protection to the liver, helps reduce the risk of an enlarged prostate gland, and is also important for maintaining the health of the reproductive organs.

While magnesium is important for improving heart function, transporting chemicals to the nerves in muscle function, and can set the mood. The recommended daily value for magnesium is consumed about 400mg per day, while the US Department of Agriculture states that 74% of the nutritional deficiencies.

Effects of ZMA supplementation for athletes.
More than 250 NFL players in the United States are very satisfied with the benefits of ZMA supplementation is able to restore muscles after the game and helps regulate sleep patterns athletes.

Dr Lorrie Brilla, PhD., A researcher from Western Washington University, USA, to examine the benefits of ZMA on soccer players during a one-week exercise program, found that ZMA provide muscle strength 2-fold greater than the group given placebo footballer.

"Increased muscle strength may have been mediated by an increase in anabolic hormone and testosterone in the group given ZMA. Given ZMA group had a 30% increase in testosterone levels while the placebo group only 20% had testosterone levels.

In addition, given ZMA group had slightly elevated levels of insulin (IGF-1) on their body, "says Dr. Brilla.

ZMA is also a 'help' bed was very effective, even experts recommend to take ZMA 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

Benefits of ZMA combination with DHEA for optimal muscle growth
DHEA is an endogenous steroid secreted by glands adneral as a precursor of androgens and estrogens have Neuroactive steroid effects on the body. Not a few people who lack these nutrients, which can lead to premature aging.

Therefore it is now widely available DHEA supplementation to help increase testosterone levels in the body. DHEA can also be regarded as a raw material for the production of testosterone.

Thus, DHEA is very suitable in combination with ZMA supplements in order to further optimize the production of natural testosterone in the body, to help increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and help build muscle ideal.


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