Aerobic Exercise Exempt Person of Insomnia

Health experts agree that regular aerobic exercise during the day can keep you from feeling restless night before bed. Even people who are actively practicing, especially aerobic exercise, is generally easy to get the ideal sleep time and avoid insomnia.

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The study found that the symptoms of sleep deprivation, insomnia, and insomnia is usually caused by the accumulation of stress and lack of time off. There are several facts that support that aerobic exercise is beneficial for treating insomnia.

Insomnia free with Aerobic Exercise
Northwestern University with a study in Chicago, Illinois research on 55 women and 23 elderly adults who have trouble sleeping. After running the 16-week training program that includes sports such as aerobic exercise, bikes, and treadmills. As a result, the average study participants experienced improved quality of sleep and decreased insomnia. One hour of aerobic exercise is more beneficial than sleep longer.

This study proves again that sport has kasiat more remarkable benefits. Sports are considered better than taking medication for mental health, diabetes, and cancer prevention. Do aerobic exercises to overcome your insomnia naturally.

It is recommended to avoid aerobic exercise and exercise an hour before bedtime, because tired muscles will make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Another thing to be aware of so that you do not avoid the insomnia is a video game because it will make your brain continuously stimulated and do not consume beverages that contain caffeine before bedtime.

Improvement in sleep quality also appears to increase positive mood, increase vitality danmenurunkan symptoms of depression. Remember about the importance of maintaining the vitality of the body fit so that your health is far from health problems, fatigue and insomnia will continuously decrease your productivity.

Well, try doing aerobic exercise regularly so that you no longer have insomnia and you can get quality sleep.


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