Deadlift Variations to Gain Muscle Mass Bigger

Many people think that the squat exercise with all its variations is the 'king' of his workout for the lower body. They believe that the squat is an effective exercise to train the muscles of the thigh, hamstring, buttocks and stomach simultaneously. The presumption is not wrong.

Deadlift Variations to Gain Muscle Mass Bigger
But consider the squat exercise as the one of the best exercises for the lower body seems to need to be in retrospect.

Deadlift is an exercise that also has benefits and functions similar to the squat exercise, especially to train the lower body.

Deadlift is a weight training developed from the basic squat movement. This exercise is included in one of the most classic weight training that has a myriad of benefits to build lower body.

Not only that, deadlift exercises are also able to increase the power and balance of the body as a whole. This exercise is one of the more advanced exercises should be done in the proper technique to avoid injury. And you should be accompanied by a personal trainer while doing this exercise.

Deadlift variations
There are different variations of the deadlift exercises that you can enter into the program body building exercises. Each has advantages and functions of each. This variation is necessary when you are getting fed up with the conventional deadlift workout and wants to get new challenge in practice.

The following variations deadlift exercises that you can try:

Romanian Deadlifts
First deadlift you can jajal is Romanian Deadlift. Romanian Deadlift movement focus more on muscle power quad (thigh), although hasmtring muscles and buttocks are also involved.

Some people often do when they are saturated Romanian Deadlift with squats on workout days. Not a few who do it alternately so that the process becomes more challenging exercises.

Two important things that you need to concern when doing Romanian Deadlift is, the chest should be front and butt swelled to pull back, to avoid injury while maintaining body balance.

If done with the proper technique, this exercise will not be difficult for anyone to do so.

Stages of Implementation:
  • Begin from a standing position with feet shoulder width wide
  • Earn dumbbells with palms facing toward the body
  • Your feet should be flexed like a squat position, and keep the spine remains straight
  • Drag or lift a barbell using a shoulder muscle contractions, hips, abdomen and back simultaneously
  • Do not just use the power of the arm muscles when lifting dumbbells
  • Kordinasikan well the whole body when performing force

Trap Bar
This exercise is done suitable for beginners who want to try the deadlift exercise for the first time. With the same benefits as the Romanian Deadlift, this exercise will train the muscles of the legs, buttocks and back simultaneously. You can make a move easier because dumbbells are used have the specially designed trap bar.
Stages of Implementation:
  • Standing in the middle of the trap bar
  • Grasp the bar with both hands trap
  • Raise the bar with a shoulder muscle contractions, hips, abdomen and back
  • Lower slowly
Wide Grip
If you crave a V-shape body shape (body shape like the letter V) then this exercise you must include in your exercise program. Wide grip deadlift will 'force' wing muscles you train harder so that your chances of getting the body V shape would be more easily obtained
Stages of Implementation:
  • Grasp the barbell in a wide position handlebar grip (grip width)
  • Back straight not bent
  • Raise the bar with a shoulder muscle contractions, hips, abdomen and back
  • Lower slowly
Summo Deadlift
Another variation is that the exercise more challenging you dadlift is SUmmo deadlit. Many say that this exercise is an exercise that most interest among all deadlift variations. Even actor Hugh Jackman was feeling stronger and fitter after trying SUmmo daedlift ahead suting Wolverine movie some time ago. With the same benefits, SUmmo deadlift will give you a variety of exercises deadlift more exciting and fun.

Stages of Implementation:
  • Open the legs shoulder-width apart
  • Grasp a barbell with both hands
  • The right hand facing forward
  • The left hand facing rearward
  • Raise the bar with a shoulder muscle contractions, hips, abdomen and back
Lower slowly
Now you already have a variety of exercises that you can deadlift jajal to reduce boredom with the regular deadlift workout. You also have found other than squat exercises are useful for shaping the lower body.


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