When is The Right Time To Exercise? This answer is

There is a right time to exercise so that physical, mental, and maximum calorie burning you, but there are also times that you should avoid to prevent pain and injury.

When is The Right Time To Exercise? This answer is

"The best time to practice is the point at which you can't do it reliably," says Jessica Matthews, an activity physiologist and representative for the American Council on Exercise.

Here are 6 right time for your workout:

In the afternoon
A study revealed that one of the right time to exercise is when the sun will set or in the afternoon at about 4 and 5 pm, where the temperature of the human body is known to be at the highest level. At that time you will get the maximum workout, make your muscles more flexible so as to produce at the highest level and the strength of your workout will feel easier.

This is the reason why you have to get up to workout Earlier, Because in a small study within the Mollen Hospital, Arizona, US, proving that the 75% exercise every day, the patient within the clinic 'stuck' having a good regimen that , balanced with only 25% of sports within the afternoon. "You start the morning with a top calorie burning, and Obtain the most out of your energy metabolism that is certainly good in aiding you increase of your energy during the day activities, said Jenn Burke inch, health manager with Crunch Gyms, Los Angels, US . Burke likewise suggest introducing a high-protein snack when you wake in place.

When caught the flu
Exercise when you are sick it is not recommended, but if you just have a cold light, small exercises at home can help reduce the symptoms. A study conducted by Thomas G. Weidner, PhD., And colleagues from Ball State University, US, found that natural chemicals in the body that increases the mood will be released by the body during exercise that can help treat the symptoms of the flu. However, avoid exercising too long, you could do half of the time you normally exercise and better done in the house because in addition to more efficient also avoid germs do not spread to other people. Jessica Matthews suggest doing yoga or walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes plus the stretching.

When the period of the 'menstrual' arrives
when your period comes, most women choose to reduce the intensity of sport activity include a reduced schedule, this may be caused by abdominal pain during menstruation. But according to experts, the substance endorphins (biochemical substances in the body) which is known as the happiness hormone released by the body during exercise can improve mood and reduce pain during menstruation. In fact, Stacy Sims, PhD., An exercise physiologist at Stanford Prevention Research Center, revealed that the menstrual period is probably the best time to increase the intensity of exercise. Results of research conducted Stacy showed the presence of hormonal changes during menstruation can make a woman feel stronger and help relieve pain faster.

Sports at recess office
In addition to relieving stress and improving mood, office break time when the sport also offers many positive benefits for someone such as performance, improve mental acuity, time management and productivity. By Jessica Matthews, brisk walking for 5-10 minutes around the office building could be a good alternative if you do not have enough time to go to the gym at recess office.

When feeling tired
According to Jenn Burke, exercise when you feel tired after the move all day to help generate energy more powerful than those produced after a nap. Burke advised to do some exercise for 20 minutes a session, such as jogging around the house or cardio dance in the house. It is also great for your biological clock in the evening so that you will get good quality sleep.


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