Vitamins & Minerals, Prevent Colds to Cancer Causes of Death

It could be that your body is sensitive to sudden weather changes that occurred last few days. It also can make the immune system decreases and susceptible to illnesses such as coughs and colds.

Vitamins & Minerals, Prevent Colds to Cancer Causes of Death

When faced with this condition, the majority of people will choose to keep resistance his body with vitamin and mineral supplements consume.

Many consider that the same vitamins with minerals. Whereas the chemical structure of these nutrients has a different shape once did have some similar functions.

Some of the difference between vitamins and minerals are:
  1. Included in the inorganic mineral elements. This means that minerals can retain its shape after entry into the body. If the vitamin can be damaged by heat, acid or any other process, then there is the mineral that has a strong structure and not easily damaged.
  2. The structure will change when the vitamin into the body. The body does not absorb vitamins in preliminary form, but is absorbed in the form of pro-vitamin (vitamin that is not yet active). While minerals can not be changed emjadi other elements. For example, Fe (iron) can be joined with other elements in the form of a compound thereof, but the iron will not turn into another element.
  3. When it gets into the body, minerals shall serve to help the process of metabolism without going through other processes. For example magnesium are directly absorbed for muscle relaxation and nerve tissue. Iron for red blood cell formation. Calcium to nourish the bones and teeth and many other essential minerals for health.
  4. Mineral absorption process is also different from the vitamins, especially in terms of the amount and the handling in your body. This is because the water-soluble vitamins and fat, whereas insoluble mineral water and fat.
Study on the Benefits set Vitamins and Minerals
There are many studies from around the world are finding a variety of benefits of vitamins and minerals for health. If you want to know what benefits you can get to meet the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals your body, you should see a collection of studies from around the world about the benefits of vitamins and minerals following:

Lower Risk of Cancer
In a study published in June 2012 in the European Journal of Nutrition, a German researcher has reported that more than 23 thousand people who take vitamin and mineral supplements can reduce mortality from any cause by 42 percent in the span of 10 years, including a lower risk of cancer cause death by 48 percent.

Lower Risk of Heart Attack
A study conducted in 2010 at Harvard University reported that multivitamin supplementation, especially those containing vitamins A, C and E can prevent someone from colon cancer. Another study at the Karolinska Institute in the same year was also reported that a person who ends meet daily multivitamin can reduce the risk of heart attack by 30 percent.

Make Ageless
team researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences reported that women who consume telomere supplement multivitamins is known to have a longer than those who have not mengasup supplement multivitamins.

Telomeres are DNA segments that lie at the ends of eukaryotic cell chromosome. The main function of telomeres is to protect DNA from damage and maintain chromosome stability. A change in telomere associated with the aging process (aging) and this karsinogenesis.Telomer maintained its integrity by the enzyme telomerase. The process of aging (aging) are associated with telomere shortening.

Prostate cancer to prevent it
A study published in the american journal of 2007 by the clinical nutrition mineral that is an important ( assumed ) with selenium multivitamin can lower the risk of prostate cancer by 40 percent.

Effectively Prevent Infection
Another study in 2003, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found more than 130 adults who take supplements of multivitamins and minerals in a year can significantly reduce the risk of infections such as respiratory tract infections, urinary tract, influenza, until gastrointestinal infection. In fact, they are also known to rarely fell ill during a year than those who only took the placebo.

Improve Memory and Cognitive Ability
The intake of multivitamin also shown to improve memory function well as the ability to think of the brain. These results were obtained after a team of Australian researchers conducting research on more than 3 thousand participants both from teenagers to the elderly.

The researchers found that the intake of multivitamins in older women who experience cognitive decline can raise the back of his brain thinking skills such as 4 years younger.

Whereas in older men known to increase alertness and feeling better (not depression and stress is reduced) in live the rest of his life.

Similar results were obtained from observations made on the students. As many as 75 percent of group given the intake of multivitamins before the exam has a better score than students who were given a placebo before the exam.

US Health Budget save $ 1.6 million
The last few years the US government was actively campaigning for a healthy lifestyle that the US population is always sufficient for his daily vitamins and minerals. Statistical data compiled by Frost & Sullivan of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Foundation found that the use of multivitamins and minerals can save the state health budget to $ 1.6 million from 2004-2008.

This figure is known of the declining number of US residents who came to the hospital and health clinics for treatment and medication.

"Adequate daily requirement of vitamins and minerals make one's body becomes stronger and not easily hurt. That is the reason the US government recommend this (consumption of vitamins and minerals), "said Ana Wilbert spokesman for the Council for Responsible Nutrition.


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