5 Nutrition It Needed By Body Every Day

To help optimize the body function properly, the supply of nutrients is greatly needed by the human body. But what are the nutrients that our body needs?

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The nutrition is an organic substance that is needed by the system in the human body for growth, maintenance, and health.

To lose excess weight, someone important to determine the nutrients for the body that can be lived optimal diet. However, there are many among us who do not know what nutrients needed by the body.

Here are 5 nutrients the body needs to increase energy:

Vitamin E
Humans require folate, calcium, and vitamin C, but according to statistics most people overlook even the actual vitamin E deficiency is also important, especially if you're dieting.

health data says that as many as 28% of people do not get enough vitamin E.

Why does the body need 15 mg of vitamin E per day.
The body needs at least 15 mg of vitamin E per day, which helps to protect the body against the risk of heart disease and can boost the immune system or immune. Vitamin E is usually found in many plant foods naturally rich in fats such as nuts, oils, and grains.


According to health data as much as 12% of iron deficiency.

Why does the body need 18mg of iron
18mg of iron per day can help deliver oxygen throughout your body.

Why body iron deficiency
Iron is found in animal foods such as lamb, beef, or poultry can be directly absorbed by the body. If you lack iron, means you consume food without meat. According to Stella Lucia Volpe, PhD, RD, Professor of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, iron contained in vegetables, less efficient to be absorbed by the body.

Most of us consume less than half the value recorded in the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for potassium.

Why does the body need 4.700mg potassium per day
Potassium values we should consume per day, can help the body in terms of muscle contraction and regulates fluid and mineral balance when you're sweating.

Why body potassium deficiency
Potassium is found in many fruits and vegetables, if you are short of potassium nutrition, you're out eating enough fruits and vegetables.

How to get the nutrients potassium
You can try to make food with ingredients that contain lots of potassium, such as baked potatoes (926mg), beans (502mg per half cup), and tomato sauce (435mg per half cup).


According to health data, there are still many people who have nutritional deficiencies of zinc in the body, nutritional deficiency of zinc in the body can inhibit the metabolism in your body.

Why does the body need 8 mg of zinc per day
Health experts agree that nutrition 8mg of zinc per day can help regulate the body's metabolism back optimally.

why the body's nutritional deficiency of zinc
Zinc is found in wheat or cereal, if you mean you are less zinc deficiency consume cereal or wheat per day.

How to get the nutrients zinc
Try to eat a cup of baked beans, because a cup of baked beans can supply almost half the daily value (4.2mg) for your zinc nutrition.


According to official data, most people only get 72% magnesium nutrients the body needs every day.

Why does the body need 320mg of magnesium per day

320mg of magnesium per day is important for optimizing energy production and muscle function.

Why body magnesium deficiency
If your body is deficient in magnesium, it means you are not enough to consume seafood. Because seafood or fish is a great source of magnesium.

How to get the nutrients magnesium
You can start trying to add halibut in your diet, because the 3-ounce halibut contains 91mg of magnesium. But if you do not like seafood, you can get a cup of cereal magnesium nutrition or nutritional supplementation of magnesium which has been widely available.


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