Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

One way to gain muscle shape and perfect legs is by adding plyometric method on your leg workout program.

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What is a plyometric?
Plyometrik is a method that is believed to develop explosive power for athletes of sports including bodybuilding athletes.

In bodybuilding, plyometric exercise consists of several superset that can be tailored to your abilities.

More plyometric exercise intensity shows the full force of muscle contraction with very fast response, and dynamic load and muscle elongation complex, forcing the athlete to release the full power with a high tempo in order to achieve peak perfomance.

Well, to get a perfect leg muscles, fitness mania can do leg exercises twice a week, a day of strenuous exercise (Heavy Legs Workout) and one day using plyometric exercises (Plyo Legs Workout).

The following training methods to make your leg muscles perfectly:

Plyo Legs Workout
Superset 1 :

Front Barbell Squat

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• To use the squat rack security
• Place the barbell on the rack that has been adjusted to the height of your chest.
• Then hold the barbell from the bottom with the hands crossed and bend your elbows.
• Then lift the barbell from the rack and the rack away from the shift a
• Begin the squat movement by bending your knees about 90 degrees.
• Then stand back and repeat as many as 4 sets x 15 reps.

Box Jump

• Prepare a gym box (box).
• Stand relaxed in front of the box.
• Then jump to the top of the box with both feet landing simultaneously.
• Then jump back to the starting position and repeat as many as 4 sets x 25 reps
Tip: for beginners to use the box with a height of 20 inches, 24 inches and to advance

Superset 2 :
Dumbbell Rear Lunge

Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

• Stand up straight by holding a dumbbell in both hands at the side of your body (starting position)
• So far backward pull one of your feet with your elbows bent legs (legs bent back until almost touching the floor and angled front legs parallel to the thigh)
• further back to the starting position and repeat on the next side
• Perform 4 sets x 15-18 reps on each leg

Split Jump

Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

• Position the body such as the movement lunge with one leg behind and elbows bent
• Make sure your front knee bent until the thigh is parallel to the rear legs and knees almost touching the floor
• Then jump up straight legs, swinging both legs in the air
• Then drop back to a position such as the lunge movement
• Repeat 4 sets x 50 jumps (done with alternating feet)

Superset 3 :
Dumbbell Step Ups

Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

• Prepare bench (chair)
• Stand upright by holding a dumbbell in both hands
• Position your hands at your sides
• Then lift your right foot to the left foot on the bench followed so that you are standing on the bench
• Then lower your right leg and left leg followed
• Take turns with the left foot first up bench
• Repeat 4 sets x 15-18 reps for each leg
Tip: look for a bench that can shape your legs bent up to 90 degrees

Freehand Jump Squat

Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
• Cross your hands on the chest
• Repeat the squat with your knees bent 90 degrees
• Then jump up both legs straight and arms still crossed on his chest
• Then go down to the squat position
• Perform 4 sets x 20-30 leap

Heavy Legs Workout
Barbell Squat

Barbell Squat

• Use to place the barbell squat rack.
• Adjust the height of the barbell on the rack until parallel with your shoulders.
• Stand back to the barbell.
• Then hold the barbell with both hands.
• Lift the dumbbells and move away from the rack.
• Then balance your body with your legs shoulder-width apart and your back straight (starting position).
• Then do squat slowly until your knees bent about 90 degrees.
• Lock your body to keep it straight.
• Then stand back to the starting position.
• Perform 5 sets x 8-10 reps.

Barbell Deadlift

Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

• Prepare a barbell that you adjust the load and put it on the floor
• Stand in front of the barbell
• Then bend to the back parallel to the waist and knees bent
• Then hold an overhand grip on the barbell (starting position)
• Lift the dumbbells up to your body and your feet perpendicular
• Down retraced early
• Perform 5 sets x 8-10 reps

Superset :
Barbell Walking Lunge

Barbell Walking Lunge

• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold a barbell on your back.
• Walk with one foot stepping far ahead.
• Bend your front leg to 90 degrees and back knee almost touches the floor.
• Then do the opposite leg.
• Repeat step 4 sets x 20-30.

Leg Press

Exercise tips to form a strong leg muscles

• Use the leg press machine
• Sit on the leg press machine and place your feet on the pad
• Keep your feet shoulder width apart
• Then push the pad until your legs straight (starting position)
• Then lower the foot pad to form an angle of 90 degrees
• Push retraced early
• Perform 4 sets x 8-10 reps

Superset :
Leg Extensions

Leg Extensions

• Adjust the engine load leg extensions
• Sit on the machine with leg extensions leg below the pad and the hand holding the side of the engine (starting position)
• Make sure your legs form a 90 degree angle
• Then lift the pad up your legs straight and the body remains straight upright
• Then slowly lower to the starting position
• Repeat 4 sets x 8-12 reps

Seated Leg Curl

Seated Leg Curl

• Adjust the lever on the machine to suit your height.
• Sit on the machine with your back straight leaning on the pad.
• Put the foot on the place that has been provided with a 90-degree position (starting position).
• Lift the fore foot.
• Return to starting position.
• Do four sets of x 8-12 reps.

This exercise program applies to both men and women. Congratulations practice.


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