5 Tricks Back Exercise After Injury

Injury is one of the obstacles that could make the results of the exercise decreases. But that does not mean you have to continue to exercise while injured, because the body needs to break in order to recover from injury.

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The question is, how to start training after recovering from injury. Well, so you can re-training after injury, the following trick you can try to re-start your workout.

Fill nutritional
Why nutrients become the first point to note? Body recovery can take 1-2 weeks or months. However, such a long time if you can speed up the body's nutritional needs are met.

Body recovery much depends on blood flow, the better the blood supply to the injured part of the body, so the more oxygen and nutrients are channeled to accelerate recovery.

Also make sure you drink plenty of fresh and organic fruit juices are fortified with vitamins and minerals to speed up recovery.

Warm Up
Warming will make your muscles warmer which means the muscles will become more flexible. Flexible means that warm muscles can move easier and much less likely to be damaged, painful strain or injury. When you switch to activities with a higher intensity or exercise hard, you will drastically pulled a muscle or injure yourself.

Heating duration will vary from one person to another, and from one activity to another. You should feel your heart rate and work your muscles through a more flexible movement before you actually increase the intensity of exercise.

Exercises with Light Load
Should choose light weights first, do not rush to use a heavy burden, even if you feel recovered. Especially if you involve muscle newly injured.

Light weights with more reps can stimulate cell activity back to the injured body part so that it can prepare for the next heavier exercise.

RICE technique
Use the RICE formula when first started training after injury, namely:

Rest more often injured area while exercising. Do not force him too hard.
Give an ice pack on the injured body part 10-15 minutes after exercise to avoid muscle pain.
If you feel pain after exercise, should provide a bandage on the injured part to prevent swelling. Do not bind too strongly to the blood flow smoothly.
After practice, elevate the injured body part (higher than the heart). for example, an injury to the leg muscles and lift your legs lean on higher surfaces. This will reduce the pain and swelling in the injured area.

Use the Right Technique
Perhaps you have experienced before injury occurs as a result of the movement is less than perfect or improper technique. Now, ask the help of personal training or read the instructions on how to perform the exercises with proper technique and safety.

Now you have to know how the trick training after injury. If you experience an injury do not experience signs of recovery after weeks or more than that, immediately contact a doctor or physiotherapist.


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