Eating Chocolate At Diet? Who's Afraid

Many dieters are afraid to eat chocolate, but it can be broken by a new survey proves that the diet does not have to leave the food that we like such as chocolate.

Eating Chocolate At Diet? Who's Afraid

According to opinion polls that were carried out, more than 86 percent of the people on diet to enjoy the food like them and have managed to reduce their body weight. And 91% of 2,100 men and women continue to consume brown in the same amount at the time before and when diet but still have successfully reduce body weight.

"This Research has proved that diet that stop consuming favorite food will be much more likely than failed to diet, that diet which is still consume favorite food," said Dr. Janet Aylott, a nutrition expert from Nutracheck, a portal online that counting calories to diet plan.

Previous research also proves that the diet actually often eliminating favorite foods such as chocolate, and biscuits were more likely to gain weight, because these dieters will replace these foods with other foods to eat more.

In fact, a study conducted by a team of researchers from Harvard University, USA, which examined 8,000 men for 65 years, found that among participants who eat chocolate up to three times a month had a longer one year of age than those who do not eat at all.

This may be due to antioxidants (polyphenols) found in cocoa can prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the body, thus helping reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

So, good news for chocoholics who want to keep the weight loss and healthy living.


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