The more muscle 'Sharp' with Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercise on a regular basis has been shown to improve the health of the digestive system, strengthen bones, improve sleep quality, increase energy, strengthen the heart and lungs and blood circulation.

Cardio also helps remove lactic acid formed in the body. So how do cardio exercises can help build muscle?
Lactic acid is the cause you to feel tired after practice. Lactic acid will also slow the recovery and can cause muscle pain. Though recovery is very important for muscle development. Because cardio exercises improve blood circulation and oxidation of toxic compounds formed after an intensive workout, your body will get rid themselves of lactic acid formed after exercise more quickly when you do cardio on a regular basis, so that the recovery and growth of your muscles even faster.

You can get all the benefits of cardio, ranging from increasing your energy levels to increase your body's ability to absorb and use nutrients optimally, and remove toxins. It became clear that weight training combined with a moderate cardio workout will help accelerate your muscle growth.

Here is some basic guidelines you can follow to Which cardio exercise:
  • Perform cardio exercise at least 20 minutes 3 times per week.
  • Choose a cardio workout mild to moderate intensity, such as brisk walking.
  • To make it easier to monitor your heart rate, can use heart rate measuring device
  • Choose a form of cardio exercise that you like and you enjoy most. One type of exercise alone is not necessarily better than the other, because cardio is cardio, and it does not matter about what type of cardio you do. What matters is how hard you practice. Your body will burn the same number of calories as long as it is done in a certain heart rate the same, whether you are doing your cardio with cycling, riding down stairs, or walking.
Cardio intensity and after exercise burden will help offer up the fat that covers the muscles your body, so that your muscles will look more clearly and fat to be kicked out of your body.


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