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Legs is a pillar of the body and the center of all activities every day ranging from standing, walking, running up other activities that require the strength of leg muscles.

build strong leg muscles for athletes

Has a strong leg muscles is absolutely necessary that all daily activities can be carried out efficiently. Especially for athletes who use a lot of leg muscles during the game such as football players, cycling athletes, and for those who like to do cardio exercises and weight training.

Scott H. Mendelson, CEO said, there are certain exercises that can be done to improve the strength and agility of the leg muscles. And you do not need a lot of equipment to do so.
Including the following:

Barbell Squats | 3 Set 10-12 Repetition

Barbell Squats | 3 Set 10-12 Repetisi
This exercise is mandatory for both fitness exercises to build strong leg muscles. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger said that this exercise is the King of All Exercises (King exercises). This exercise will strengthen your thigh muscles and improve flesksibilitas front of the knee joint.

Stages of Implementation:

Stand with your back straight
Feet shoulder width apart
Stang barbell placed on traps (hump)
Both hands holding the handlebar barbell with a shoulder parallel to the elbow
Legs straight
Leg squat until thighs parallel to the floor with your back straight
Inhale while lowering weight and exhale the breath while lifting weights

Rocking Standing Calf Raise| 3 Set 10-12 Repetition
Rocking Standing Calf Raise| 3 Set 10-12 Repetisi

This exercise is effective to train the calf muscle strength and improve balance and coordination of the upper and lower body.

Stages of Implementation:

stood at attention
Lift the dumbbells above shoulder
Lift the toes to the top
Pivot foot to tiptoe
Back to the position of the toe in pull up

Abduction | 3 Set 10-12 Reps

Abduction | 3 Set 10-12 Reps

In addition to improving the balance and coordination of the upper and lower body, exercise is also effective to train the thigh and calf muscle strength side.

Stages of Implementation:
Stand with your back straight
Both legs docked
One hand can be used to hold
Attach the band on one leg
Pull legs to the side
Inhale as you pull away and exhale the breath as you lower the leg to the starting position

Leg Press | 3 Set 8-10 Repetition

Leg Press | 3 Set 8-10 Repetisi

This exercise is good to train the muscles at the same 4 covers, front thigh muscles, knees, calves, and buttocks.

Leg press is also relatively safe and comfortable for beginners, because it has a backrest and seat cushion to hold the upper body and hips, you can focus on the entire motion exercises on the movement of the leg muscles.

You can even add a heavier load than when the barbell squat exercise.

Stages of Implementation:

Use the leg press machine
Sit on a leg press machine and place your feet on the pad
Position feet shoulder width apart
Then push the pad until your legs straight (the starting position)
Then lower the leg pad to form a 90 degree angle
Push retraced early

Knee Tuck Jump | 3 Set 10-12 Repetition
Knee Tuck Jump | 3 Set 10-12 Repetisi
If you are a football player or basketball and want to have a high leap, you should exercise try this one. Besides increasing leg strength to jump higher, this exercise is also good for the stomach muscles.

Stages of Implementation:

Take a squat position
Both hands united in front of the chest
Jump over backwards
Bend both knees to the stomach while in the air
Return to the starting position
Has a strong leg muscles not only support the athletic ability of the body during exercise, but also make your body shape looks more proportional because you have to train all body parts evenly


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