This She type - type Right After Stretching Exercise

We know that stretching before exercise is very important for the muscles of the body, but it was post-exercise stretching muscles need know!

Perhaps there are a lot of some of the actors who neglect stretching fitness or stretching after exercise, but stretching after exercise is actually also have an important role in the body's muscle flexibility.

Besides stretching after exercise is also known to have several important benefits, one of which can increase the range of motion after exercise.

Partly because many actors Gym complained of pain in certain parts after exercise, and it is one of the symptoms caused by lack of stretching after a workout.

In this case, there are several studies that says that stretching before and after exercise is just as important to keep the muscles flexible and help reduce long-term pain.

Well, Here are a few types of stretching after exercise you can try:

Chest and Anterior Deltoid Stretch

This stretch targets the muscles of the chest and shoulder muscles, how to do enough with his hands clasped behind your back, and lift slowly until you feel a contraction in the muscles of the chest and shoulder muscles. do this stretch for 30 seconds and do 3-4 times.

Shoulder Joint Stretch

As the name suggests, this stretch target the shoulder muscles, how to do it holding a towel with both hands and lift gently upward until past your head, hold at the maximum position according to your or shoulder muscle contractions, hold the position for 30 seconds and a maximum of do 3-4 times.

Stretch Lat

Put one hand behind his head, then hold the elbow with the opposite hand, gently press into the hands elbows until you feel a contraction in the lat muscle. Perform for 30 seconds and 3 times on each hand.


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