Milk, Healthy or Harmful?

Many consider milk is the best drink of all time healthy for consumption. But not a few who think that milk is a drink that can make you gain weight and impaired health. Which one is true?

Milk, Healthy or Harmful?

Both of the above opinion is the opinion that we often encounter everyday. In fact, some time ago an article published by the Dairy Education Board states that the milk is deadly drinks. In these writings conveyed all the ugliness of milk, up to how milk can be a source of disease when the cows are milked particular disease.

After all the opinions that are written in the source is not entirely true, because milk also has a myriad of health benefits either to lose weight or maintain a healthy body overall.

To eliminate confusion you, we have collected a variety of common questions and their answers about milk accurate according to various studies.

Drinking Milk Really Make You Fat?
A study conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Tennesee tested two groups of respondents who have a problem of overweight. Both groups were asked to follow a diet program that is almost the same.

The difference is, the first group was asked to consume calcium-rich milk three times a day, while the second group did not. As a result, the hose 2 months later it was discovered that the milk drinking group experienced a reduction of fat in the abdomen while the second group did not experience a reduction.

Researchers added, when the participants were given calcium supplements turns these supplements do not work as well as milk. Researchers believe that when calcium works to burn fat other components in milk work together to maximize the fat burning.

Can Shaping Muscle Milk?
Milk is one of the best drinks with nutritional content for your muscle development. Protein as much muscle builder nutrition contained in this drink, which is made up of 80 protein whey and 20 percent casein protein.

Both the raw material forming the muscles so that both consumed anyone who wants to increase muscle mass. Whey absorbed by the body more quickly and are broken down into amino acids and distributed throughout the muscle cells that need.

While casein is a slow protein absorption which will supply the body with protein regularly and allow your body to build muscle all the time.

Nausea and bloating after drinking milk
Some people avoid the consumption of beverages is due to appear some side effects such as nausea, bloating, diarrhea shortly after eating them up. If you belong to this group could be you experiencing "lactose intolerance" or not stand the content of lactose present in milk.

If this is the case, but you still want to get the healthy benefits of milk there are several ways that you can try:

Consumption of Dairy Products
For example by eating cheese with your favorite combination of other foods.
Soy Milk Consumption
In addition to free you from the risk of prostate cancer, soy milk is also safer for your stomach because lactose-free soy milk. But still enriched with a good source of vegetable protein for muscle development you.
High Cholesterol afraid Because Drinking Milk
According to the study, led by Professor Peter Elwood of Cardiff University, drinking milk can reduce the likelihood of dying from the disease, such as coronary heart disease and stroke by 15-20 percent.

This study confirmed the scientific evidence from 324 studies with similar results have been published previously.
"The fact that drinking milk increases the cholesterol still haunt many people, so they assume that milk is a major cause of heart disease," said Elwood.

"But cholesterol is only one mechanism of heart disease. Blood pressure is the other relevant mechanisms, and drinking milk was associated with a decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, it really does not make sense to base conclusions about milk and heart disease on cholesterol effects alone, "he said.

Drinking milk is not the only cause of heart disease. Elwood said, long-term study shows that milk and dairy consumption was associated with a small decrease in the incidence of death from heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer and possibly bladder cancer.

"Although a small effect but any small risk reduction remained positive impact on health in order to prevent the incidence of the more severe," added Elwood.

In conclusion, milk is a healthy drink if consumed reasonable and not excessive. 1-2 cups of milk per day is the recommended amount to get the healthy benefits of consuming milk.

Well, are you ready to drink milk?


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