Shaping Muscle with Power of Mind

Have you ever realized that the mind also plays an important role in the formation of your muscles? Some people may think this is trivial, and in fact the majority of people neglect this aspect during training.

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The key to improve the connection of mind over muscle is to harmonize the mind and body and fully maximize this connection, before and during exercises. This means knowing the exact part of the target muscles before starting exercise and move the muscles of the full path to the position of full contraction position, while focusing feel muscle contractions and reaches the entire movement. Doing exercises regularly not only be a waste of time and will not return any results.

Some of the reasons people fail to create the connection of mind over muscle during exercise is caused by,
  • Lack of knowledge of human anatomy and lack of information available regarding the success of efforts to create top of mind muscle connection.
  • Error information from teachers or books on exercise execution. In other words, many people receive less precise information about the recommended exercises.
  • Lazy to change the pattern of the already known. Many people have difficulty to change because they are accustomed to doing the same thing all the time because they feel more comfortable and less risky. As a result, they refused to change the way they practice.
  • Lifting the burden of excess regardless of shape and good engineering practice, just to satisfy the ego.
The following two ways will help you improve the connection of mind over muscle to exercise your best results, namely:

Muscles Will Focus On Trained
Before the exercise, concentrate focus on each muscle to be trained. Stretch the muscles to be trained as much and as comfortable as possible before starting to practice. This effort to transmit signals to isolate muscles and prepare fully before starting the exercise. This way you will create top of mind muscle connection is successful.

Maintain Connection Mind over Muscle During Exercise
During exercise, stretch and stretch muscles feel when you move from point A to B. This is very important because there would be no point in activating the muscles before exercise if the connection is lost when the mind over muscle movement is initiated. Most people waste time with practice without thinking about what they actually do. They practiced on only using physical force only when it should be the physical strength and mind must be united.

When you communicate effectively with certain muscles and prepare for the next set, this means that you have succeeded in uniting the connection of mind over muscle. By keeping these connections remain active during exercise, then you will get the best benefits of exercise. Good luck!


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