When Reduce Eating = Fat

From antiquity to the present, a lot of eating is the cause of obesity, but it does reduce the meal, while a strict diet can starve to lose weight? Apparently the answer is NO and starve it to fatten the body.

When Reduce Eating = Fat

Our body is designed such that it is able to keep himself from death. An example is if we do not eat in a long time, the end result is death. Because the body tries so he does not die, the brain gives the signal to the body in the form of hunger, which in essence is telling us to immediately consume food, in order to stay alive and not harm the body.

But what happens if we eat less, and hunger any longer? The body will react immediately to maintain order not to die and your metabolism will slow down as much as possible. Remember, to burn fat required a high metabolism, so this condition is exactly the opposite of what we want, which burn fat so skinny. Slowed so that the body is not too extravagant life-threatening wasting energy.

After that, the body is actually going to use fat as energy reserves at a time when critical, but we need to remember, reserve energy is BACKUP to be used in the last moment. So the brain gives another signal to the body, so that at a critical time like this, any kind of food we eat, to be converted into fat, to strengthen our energy reserves. Means that once again, the end result of eating less and hungry are OBESITY. And if passed, the side effect is damage to body organs including premature aging.

It is also the underlying side effects of yo-yo dieting, which is where after we managed to lose weight so kilos but soon the weight will go up quite dramatically again. Because at the time we were starving, it is all burned which ultimately makes our weight down, but the brain signal is change all the food that goes on when it becomes fat.

So adjust your diet as possible. Diet does not mean do not eat or reducing the frequency of eating. Eat option that should be improved, not reduced.


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