Nerves and Hormones It Can Cause Diet Failed

This nerve duty to tell the brain that your stomach is full and satisfied, but when the 'assigned' on junk food, the nerve actually quit his job.

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It is very disturbing diet program that is being done, because it causes a person to eat more fatty foods to really feel full.

The researchers said the study could explain why most dieters fail to lose and maintain their weight.

The team of researchers from the University of Adelaide, Australia, focusing research on gastric nerve duty to tell the brain when the stomach was filled foods, but they discovered that the nerves are less responsive to fatty foods.

"Response nervous stomach does not work premises back to normal after a healthy diet, this means you have to eat more before the start of the week your diet," said Dr. Amanda Page, a professor and leader of the study.

This problem is compounded by the hormone leptin, which is called hunger, usually these hormones help to stop a person to overeat. However, when dealing with fatty foods, these hormones act on the nerves of the stomach which makes it increasingly difficult to provide signals 'full' in the brain.

Although this study using mice, Dr. Page stated that the mice have the same implications for obesity, they are trying to lose weight and maintain weight.

"Further research is needed to determine how long the effect and is there a way to trick stomach or medication during the diet," said Dr. Amanda Page in a statement written by the International Journal of Obesity some time ago.

Experts in the UK argues, that this study urges dieters not to despair in running her diet, even the chairman of the UK Association for the Study of Obesity, Professor Jason Halford, urging people to go on a diet and exercise schedule to fill the daily routine without be too limiting yourself.

"Long-term changes in behavior is the key to lasting success diet," said Professor Jason Halford.


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