Extreme diets a la Celebrity World that must be avoided!

Lately some new diet method has become a lifestyle 'brand-new' in society to celebrities of the world. But not a few health experts prohibit such diets. Anything?

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In addition to exercise, diet has become one of the most efisein way to lose excess weight, and also has become a tradition of a healthy lifestyle in today's modern society.

However, there are some diets that actually harm and is prohibited by health experts. And unfortunately, this extreme diet has become a new style for most celebrities.

Here's how extreme diets celebrity world and risk being banned by the British Dietetic Association (BDA):

Breatharian Diet
The 'followers' diet breatharian believe that they do not need to consume food and drinks, because they think only with air and sunlight they can survive and live a healthy life.

Celebrities that this diet

Actress in the film The Family in 2013, Michelle Pfeiffer, who also awarded the Golden Globe and BAFTA from the United States admitted that he applied this Breatharian diet.

Warning BDA

According to BDA, someone who apply Breatharian guaranteed to be successful diet to lose excess weight, but will be accompanied by dehydration, malnutrition and risk of death.

This type of diet method tends to force the 'pengikut'nya to be more careful in choosing foods to alter hormonal balance of the body and reduce fat in certain areas.

Celebrities that this diet

Boy George musician and Culture Club singer admitted she has lost weight by dieting method biotyping.

Warning BDA

This diet relies heavily on supplements and pseudoscience that says that with just more selective in choosing the type of wheat can reduce excess body weight. However BDA warns that there are some dangerous hormones that will be involved in the metabolism of fats when on this diet, thereby reducing the performance of the functions of the body which results in decreased metabolism in the human body.

Gluten-Free Diet
Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat and other grains. In Indonesia, a gluten-free diet is usually recommended for people with autism, but has now become a new trend in the diet.

Celebrities that this diet

Gwyneth Paltrow, the female lead in the sequel to Iron Man is very committed once on a gluten-free diet.

Warning BDA

Many gluten-containing foods such as flour breads, cakes, and biscuits are high in calories, so it is true that avoiding these foods can lose excess weight. Unfortunately, people who diet tend to find a replacement for gluten-free foods such as beer, and sausages are also high in calories.

"Many people feel better after a gluten-free diet, but actually feeling it there because they reduce the calories that go with reducing processed foods made from wheat. Nothing to do with gluten, "says Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, a nutritionist.

For someone who apply a gluten-free diet cendeung risk for deficiency amount of essential nutrients, such as iron, folic acid, niacin (vitamin B3), thiamin, ribofvlan, calcium, vitamin B12, as well as phosphorus and zinc (zinc).

Alcorexia / Drunkorexia Diet
Someone who apply this diet tends to greatly reduce calorie foods, but many calories to consume alcohol as a substitute for food.

Celebrities that this diet

The professional fashion models rumored to many who follow this

Warning BDA

If a person applies this diet will probably lack of calories the body, vitamins and nutrients needed by the body's functions to survive. In addition, this diet can also make a person feel weak, tired, do not have enough energy, and will become very irritable. To implement this diet you will be desperately short of food calories that tend to consume more alcohol, which in turn lead to alcoholism, and even death due to alcohol poisoning.

Dukan Diet
This diet pertaman introduced by a French physician, Dr. Pierre Dukan, Dukan Diet methods tend to consume high protein.

This diet has four phases diet different from each other, the first phase is recommended to eat pure protein subs 3-10 days, the second phase of adding a few vegetables into your protein menu until you get the desired weight.

The third phase is called a phase of consolidation in which you have to return to a normal diet as late as possible during the 10 days, and the fourth phase is stabilization after the consolidation phase is complete and your weight stabilized, allowing you to be free to eat and drink what you like.

After the fourth phase is complete, you may eat normally by applying two rules, namely, eating protein once a week for life, and eat three tablespoons of oats and oat bran every day.

Celebrities that this diet

Carole Middleton, the mother of Catherine Middleton Prince William's wife admitted that her followers Dukan diet.

the celebration of the BDA

Even the creator of this diet is forbidden to practice as a general practitioner in France in 2013 has warned of the risks associated with such Dukan diet, lack of energy, constipation and bad breath and lack of essential nutrients in the body.

Well fitness mania, that's 5 successful extreme diet but forbidden because it is dangerous to the body. So it is better to consult with a physician or dietitian to determine the type of diet that is right for your body.


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