Cold Weather Help Lose Weight

Good news for those of you who are currently trying to lose weight. The rainy season is the cause flooding large cities in the world was also a positive impact on our body.

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A study says that the cold weather (which occurs during the rainy season) can help a person lose weight. How come?

With the evidence obtained during the study, the researchers believe that the cold temperature of the body can burn more calories. While warmer temperatures such as in the office or in the home could potentially gain weight because fewer calories burned.

"Many of us opt move indoors when winter arrives. Though outside activities can burn more calories, "said Dr. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt of Maastricht University Medical Centre, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Dr Wouter added, body age young and middle-aged adults will produce body heat to burn about 30 percent of calories to respond to the cold, so that the body will stay warm.

Similar results were also found Japanese scientists. Participants were asked to go outdoors (at a temperature of 17 degrees centigrade) two hours a day for six weeks managed to decrease body fat levels.

"People have to get used to the cold weather outside. Within 10 days, the body's ability to warm themselves will increase. This means that more calories are burned and the body is not easy when you are shivering in cold weather, "concludes Dr. Wouter.


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