5 Bad Habits that Make You Fat While Eating

One that determines the success or failure of your diet program is to avoid bad habits that you do while eating.

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Not many people know that poor eating habits without realizing it can make you gain weight, even if this person is in the diet.

For that, you need to change a bad habit while eating, so that your diet does not fail in the middle of the road. Here are five bad habits of eating when you should avoid;

Too Much Salt
Usually before tasting the food, people will add a little salt in the food. If you are accustomed to do this you should start to avoid from now. Too much salt can increase the risk of dehydration due to the nature of the salt that absorbs the liquid. Worse, excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure. Safe limit salt consumption is 1,500 mg, or about ½ teaspoon.

Slightly Water
You need to know that the liver converts fat into fuel. Without adequate water intake, the kidneys will not function at an optimal level. As a result, the liver will work extra hard to help the kidneys perform their duties. And in the end the liver can not function properly.

Some fat will remain in the body and can not be converted into fuel. This is what causes weight gain. Drinking water every day in sufficient quantity allows the liver to perform its function to burn fat and turn it into fuel to the optimum.

In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who used to drink water more than 5 cups per day had a 41 percent reduced risk of heart disease and sudden death.

Not Designing Meal
Many of us choose the menu to eat when hungry. Surely this is not a good habit, because we will choose the diet in large portions and high calories to satisfy our stomachs were already starving.

When hunger, desire to eat large meals with a varied menu will certainly increase. It has the potential to gain weight.

"Design your diet for the week ahead. After that, make sure your kitchen has a variety of healthy food ingredients. It is the first step to having a healthy diet, "said Keri Gans nutritionist author of" The Small Change Diet ".

Drink Beer Before Eating
In addition to containing alcohol can harm health, beer and other alcoholic beverages containing large enough calories. If you consume on an empty stomach, then the calories in these drinks will go directly to the bloodstream and stored as fat. Moreover, the body considers alcohol as a poison and tried to remove it from the body as quickly as possible. This process can lower blood sugar levels. The reduced levels of sugar will make you hungry and eat more.

Eating While Other Activity
Should avoid doing other activities while eating. Give yourself a special time when eating without doing other activities. When you eat while doing other activities such as watching TV, reading a book and others, then you will lose control of food. Without realizing it you've spent a cookie jar or two glasses of fizzy drinks. This is what can make you gain weight.

Start fix bad habits that you normally do when eating that diet program to lose weight you can get the maximum results.


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