Stop Exercise Make Muscles Changed So Fat

You may have heard of people or the media out there that says that the muscle will turn to fat if you stop the exercise. Or even reverse, the fat will turn into muscle if diligent practice. Is this correct?

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Differences in muscle and fat
Before answering these questions, let's look at the difference between muscle and fat. Muscle is an active body cells which one function to burn calories. It could be said muscle is calorie-burning machine that is in the body.

While fat is the fuel tanks that hold up the calories. Fat will not be reduced if the machine body (read: muscle) does not work. In fact, the fat will be growing and making certain body parts look thicker.

Muscles Can Change So Fat or contrast?
Muscles are living cells that require the activity to continue to grow and develop. Weight training is the best way to grow the muscle cells. When someone diligent weight training then stopped for a long time, then the muscle will return to its original size due to muscle contraction.

On the other hand, someone who mengasup excessive amounts of carbohydrates and do not exercise at all, will this habit will lead to accumulation of fat that can make your body become more severe and wide.
Arnav Sarkar fitness practitioner said, muscle tissue and fat are two completely different network and will not be able to change each other.

"Muscles will shrink when you are not exercising and fat will be more and more because you are not active combustion engine. But that does not mean the muscles you change into fat, "said Sarkar.

Tips For Staying Toned Muscle & Fat Free
As we discussed above that the muscle will look hard if trained consistently. Weight training 3-4 times a week could be a good solution that muscle size is maintained and does not shrink. On the one hand, the burning of body fat would be optimal because the muscles are working as a fat-burning machine continues to work.

Balance also with low-carb diets and high-protein so that your exercise is not futile. Patterns exercise and proper diet will make your body remain healthy, look tight and free of fat.

So, you do not need to be afraid of muscle turn into fat.


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