4 Muscle Injuries and How to Overcome It

Not only discuss how proper exercise to build muscle, this time we will learn more about any injuries that may occur in the muscles during exercise.

4 Muscle Injuries and How to Overcome It
There are several disorders or muscle injury commonly occurs during exercise, either weight training or cardio workout. If this happens to you, we can be sure you will be moaning in pain and stopped training for a while.

Well, exercise any injury you need to be aware of and how to solve it? The following full review for you.

Muscle cramps (muscle spasms)
Muscle cramps are contractions that occur continuously, feels pain and difficulty moving the affected body part cramps. Cramps are common in the lower leg to the calf and thigh area. These cramps are not only happen when the exercise but also can happen when we sleep at night.

The reason could be due to excessive muscle performance, muscle tension because in a certain position for a long time, and dehydration. Some medications and certain diseases can also be a cause.

For prevention you should warm up and stretch before exercise, especially in the muscles that are widely used. Drink 2-3 glasses of water before exercise to prevent dehydration. If the long-term exercise regularly drink water in the middle of a workout.

If muscle cramps occur during exercise, immediately stretch part cramps. Eg cramps in your legs bent position then try to straighten it gently. Hold briefly when the ache, then continue until it is completely straight. And immediately compress with ice so cold back muscle.

Muscles & Joints Sprains
In general, muscle and joint sprains are the same thing. Sprains occur because no muscle tear. Ordinary people mention the strained muscles. This condition often occurs in the thigh and back.

While the joint is dislocated or sprains occur because of excessive stretching or tearing of the ligament-bone connective tissue between the bones of the other. Ankle and knee are part of the muscle that often have dislocated joints.

Dislocated joints can occur when the joint is subjected to pressure overload, especially when on the move on uneven surfaces. It could also be due to a fall in the wrong position or gets excessive rotation on the particular muscle.

While the muscle sprains caused by excessive muscle contractions suddenly. Heating is not appropriate and poor technique also increases the risk of muscle sprains. Conditions muscle fatigue also be other factors.

To do prevention standard procedures such as heating and stretching are good. But if this condition has occurred should apply RICE formula.

REST. reduce the activity and rest a sprained body parts.
ICE. Given an ice pack for 15-20 minutes every 3-4 hours, let the skin temperature returned to normal before returning provide ice packs.
COMPRESSION. Sore area wrapped with an elastic compression bandage to minimize inflammation, supporting the area, and provide a sense of comfort.
ELEVATION. The injured part elevated to the level of the heart to prevent swelling and allow to rest. Elevate at night by placing a pillow under the area of ​​injury.

Stiff neck
In addition to muscle cramps and muscle sprains no other muscle disorders most often experienced during exercise, which is a stiff neck. Stiff neck is a contraction of one or several muscles of the neck. When this attack then move your neck to be limited and difficult to look at. This pain may spread to the shoulders and back.

The causes can be diverse, ranging from the lack of proper sleeping position, sitting too long, and perform sudden movements involving the neck and shoulder muscles. The rooms were too cold also has the potential to make a stiff neck.

If stiff neck strike, sit relax and stretch the affected area gently. Apply cream pain reliever to help alleviate the pain. Sequence if necessary. Usually this condition will improve 1-2 days.

Back pain or low back pain is also experienced by many people both when exercising or while working. The pain usually occurs in the lower back and may radiate to the foot. If the complaint is getting worse by making it difficult to move, it is necessary to seek medical treatment.

This condition occurs because of pressure or clamping of peripheral nerves in the lumbar region. The pressure can be caused by disorders of the muscle or surrounding tissue. Sudden movements and excessive waist can lead to back pain. Lifting weights in the wrong position is the most common cause.

Low back pain caused by HNP (hernia nucleus pulposus), a substance that is between the joints of the spine, pulled back, left or right and press the spinal cord or nerve fibers were found in the area. In some cases this pain will spread to the foot.

Spinal abnormalities, tumors, kidney stones or infection could also be another cause of muscle pain. Calcification of the spine resulting in pinching of the nerves can also trigger this condition.

Regular exercise with sufficient frequency and not excessively could be a solution to the prevention of low back pain. Pool is a recommended practice if you might experience back pain. Consumption of calcium foods also help prevent the calcification of the spine. Keep away from stress and getting enough sleep can also be a powerful weapon to prevent and cope with back pain.


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