There is a New Way To Reduce Calories In The Body

Exercise can certainly help burn calories in your body, but what if the way you eat also determines the value of the calories in the body?

There is a New Way To Reduce Calories In The Body

Today many people are looking for some alternative ways to reduce the calories in the body to reduce excess weight, so there is a new study says that eating slowly can help reduce calories in the body in terms of weight loss.

This study has also been published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics involves 35 people (men and women) with normal weight and 35 people (men and women) who are overweight or obese.

All participants were asked to consume food with a calorific value and the same kind of food in the two conditions of the time, which is slower on average spend about 22 minutes per meal that involves small bites regardless of the time and eat quickly on average about 9 minutes per ate with great bites and chew faster.

The results Showed that the WHO had a normal weight of 88 of participants consumed fewer calories when eating slowly, this is Decrease Considered important by the researcher, while Those who are overweight or obese only experienced a Decrease of 58 calories when eating slowly, it is not significant Considered According to the Researchers. 

"One of the more Likely that's good is that eating slower allows more people to feel the hunger and satiety," said Meena Shah author of the study and a professor of the department of kinesiology at Texas Christian University, Forth Worth, USA.

According to the researchers, eat slowly can also increase and flatulence water intake so it makes a person has been filled.

This raises some Research response from the other research is one of them Lona Sandon, an assistant professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, according to him or is not see from the various factors that could have influenced research results.

"However, there was indeed a theory that support or the food consumed by a little more when consumed slowly. Take time to enjoy and more aware will foods that we consumption have a relationship with more, eat a little bit," said Sandon.

"But this may be more as a better strategy to prevent weight gain, compared to reduce the weight or obesity," closed Sandon as quoted from recently.


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