Taurine, Super Antioxidant with Myriad Benefits of Healthy

Taurine or 2-aminoethanesulfonik acid is an organic acid which is the main content of bile, and can be found in low amounts in many tissues of animals, including humans. Taurine is a derivative of the amino acid containing sulfur (sulfhydryl), cysteine.

Taurine, Super Antioxidant with Myriad Benefits of Healthy

Taurine is derived from an amino acid containing sulfur ( sulfhydryl ) cysteine. Unlike an amino acid that is already widely known, taurine or l-taurine more particularly, not used as a building block. Taurine used to assist absorption of vitamin that is soluble in fats and fatty. Taurine and helping to regulate the heart, this rate stabilize the cell membrane and maintaining their brain cells.

Source Taurine
Taurine is found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Because adult humans capable of producing this substance itself, the intake of food can be used as an alternative when the levels of taurine in the body's production began to decline.

Although vegetarian diets do not eat foods above, but many plant foods such as nuts and some vegetables, also contain taurine.

This compound is also produced synthetically for use in energy drinks and supplements. A study conducted in November 2012 reported that taurine is one of the essential nutrients needed by the body and plays an important role in helping the development of the cells of the body (especially muscle), the distribution of nutrients throughout the body and prevents the body from oxidation of harmful particles that can threaten health.

Function Of Taurine
Taurine To Improve Mental Performance.
Along with the aging process, the level of concentration of taurine in the brain will decrease gradually. High levels of taurine in the body will make your mental function and memory the better. Scientific studies found that taurine can increase levels of vigilance and verbal reasoning.

Taurine To Boost Athletic Performance
Researchers in Japan did a study in 2003, examined the 11 men aged 18 to 20, who was ordered to conduct an exercise bike until their energy runs out. Then the respondents are given the taurine supplements for seven days (each time, before their workout).

The result? results obtained significant increase in VO2max (maximal ability of the human body to use and carry oxygen) and a period of fatigue during exercise is getting resolved.

Taurine to Prevent Aging
Taurine can act as an antioxidant. Of course you also have to know the function of antioxidants as guard cells of the body from impact damage caused by free radicals. Taurine is a factor that is so important to monitor various biochemical exchanges that occur during the aging process and helps eliminate free radicals.

Taurine can Prevent Heart Failure
Taurine is enabled or used to support the absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins as well as to control the heart rate, protecting the cell membrane stability, and against excessive activity of brain cells, seta believed to be beneficial in protecting against congestive heart failure.

Effective Against Obesity
Obesity or overweight is a condition that can affect the overall health of the body, especially as obesity becomes a trigger of inflammation as a result of the increase of fat in certain areas (particularly in the stomach).

A US study showed that intake of 3 g of taurine per day for 7 weeks may help reduce weight in adults who are obese. A total of 14 participants were found to have decreased levels of triglycerides and atherogenic index, a marker that can predict a person's impaired blood vessel or not.

Side Effects of Taurine
Because contained in food and the human body can produce it themselves then taurine considered to have no side effects. Studies show that doses of up to 0.1oz (3g) per day is safe for healthy adults.

However, the right dose for pregnant women, children, or people who suffer from certain medical conditions is not known with certainty. Consult a physician before taking or using taurine supplements if you have certain medical conditions.


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