Proper Nutrition And When is it Time Consumed

Set the nutrition plan and good nutrition Dual very important to get the ideal body shape, and supplements is one of the key! What are these supplements and when the time is right to take it?

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These supplements will not interfere with the importance of your food, but will allow you to get a higher concentration and more optimal in accelerating the progress of your muscle growth.
However, these supplements have benefits and different uses as well as the right time to consume.

Here are 4 important supplement in accordance with the purposes and when to consume to support the training and the value of your nutritional intake:

Taking supplements when praworkout is a good way to increase focus and intensity against muscle fatigue. More from category other supplements, supplements praworkout will make a difference you can feel in your workout performance.

What is the appropriate nutrients
The answer is caffeine, caffeine is a basic compound in most supplements praworkout. In addition, caffeine also has a variety of benefits including improved neuromuscular efficiency and reduce pain more. The effectiveness of caffeine has been proven in many clinical studies, but not everyone is getting the same intake values. Use nutritional supplementation products that amount of caffeine on product labels, so you can get the right dose for your body.

When to use caffeine
Caffeine takes about 45-60 minutes to reach the peak in your blood, so do not wait until you start training. Instead, consume caffeine an hour before you start your workout or when on his way to a place where you will practice. Moreover, it is very important also note the contents others contained in the product to be adapted to the nutritional needs of your body.

There is a study that says that taking protein after exercise can increase protein synthesis in the body after exercise.

What is proper nutrition
Whey protein is the right choice, because the whey protein is more easily and more quickly digested by the body. Look for a supplement that contains more whey protein, whey protein isolate is one of them because it contains more pure protein.

How much and when to eat
Approximately 25-30 grams after you exercise, whey protein consumed at postworkout is ideal because it contains a relatively high leucine. Leucine is one of the key amino to process protein synthesis in the body. Whey protein is also very quickly absorbed and digested by the body, thus giving you a big spike at the right time in your blood amino acid levels. By day use whey protein as a protein nutritional supplements in your lunch, order intake increased protein in your body, also can be your protein meal replacement.

Among eat
Research shows that consumption of essential amino acids between meals, is known to increase your chances to stimulate the process of protein synthesis in the body, but also will not dampen the synthetic protein from your diet nutrition, it actually multiply. If you are looking for ways to maximize your muscle growth in the next 6 weeks intensive training, it is very important supplement included in the box of your equipment.

Nutrition what is needed
In this case you need at least 2.5-3 grams of leucine per serving on the amino acid supplements, studies have shown that the dose is a limit to maximize the process of protein synthesis in the body.
BCAA is an amino acid that is most appropriate for this problem because it has been shown to have anti-fatigue properties and can help purge the remnants of metabolism during exercise.

When is the right time consuming BCAA
Take the right dose of BCAA supplements between meals you to keep your protein synthesis throughout the day. To better optimize muscle growth in practice, adding a dose of BCAA supplementation on praworkout also better because it can help dampen the effects of exercise intensive kanabolik you, but it also can give you enough time on amino acid levels in the blood to return to normal before receiving amino acids from whey protein after your workout.

Before going to bed
Sleep is also one of the very important part of everyone's training program. But some of us are still many who have not had enough sleep or not getting good quality sleep. This is one situation where men and women require additional supplementation proper nutrition.

What is needed
Magnesium and zinc are two minerals that are considered "essential" in the diet, the body does naturally produce these minerals, but both can be discharged when you do an intense workout. A study says that the lack of these two minerals can adversely affect the levels of testosterone and thyroid function. But beyond all these biological processes there is a more important reason is that most people do not get sufficient intake of the two minerals.

Risk lack two essential minerals in the body that clearly have a negative impact on your biological clock, and the benefits of the mineral is able to improve the quality of your sleep, increase anabolic hormone production in the body, improving insulin sensitivity, and supports sexual health. In this case ZMA supplementation very well be an option, because most of the nutrients Zinc and Magnesium. But besides these two minerals, the body also needs nutrients melatonin to improve the quality of your sleep. Melatonin is a hormone secreted from the pineal gland that helps your body know the signal time to sleep and when to wake up, in a study revealed that melatonin supplementation resulted in improved quality of sleep a person and help restore your biological clock if you are a shift worker.

When is the right time taking ZMA and Melatonin
ZMA provide zinc and magnesium in a bioavailable form. Eating ZMA before bed will greatly help maintain the quality of your sleep and also helps relaksisasi in sleep. Melatonin is also well taken before bedtime to reduce excessive sleep time.
Well fitness mania, that's 4 nutrition and supplementation you need to support your exercise program in the future.


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