Saturated Fats Also Helpful you know!

The saturated fat is also an important part of the plan a healthy diet, but unfortunately most of us don't know the values for the saturated fat intake.

Saturated Fats Also Helpful you know!

Soaking fat is also an burning part of a lusty fasting attend, but unfortunately most of us do not screw the exact values ??for the intake of soaking fat.

In this article will examine the benefits and value of proper intake of saturated fat to the body.

Because many offenders diet and fitness mania also have an irrational fear of fat saturated and try to limit fat intake, restricting foods like milk, full fat, egg yolks, butter, meat fat, coconut, and others.

What is a saturated fatty acid? 
Saturated fatty acids are essential fatty non comprised of hydrocarbon chain and do not have a double bond.

Acid fat saturated only have a single bond between the carbon atoms that form, different acid fat not saturated which has at least one bond rangkap between the carbon atoms that form.

The clusters acid saturated fat. 
Acid fat saturated divided into three groups:

1. The short-chain fatty acids (atomic number 2-6) 
2. The medium chain fatty acids (atomic number 7-11) 
3. The long-chain fatty acids (the number of atoms (12 and above) 

Saturated fatty acids have a chain shorter and easier to digest than the long chain.

One of the reasons why a certain fat sources such as butter remains frozen at room temperature, which is caused by the melting point tends to be high in saturated fat.

For example, at room temperature 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the butter will remain frozen, while the fatty acid is not saturated mostly derived from plant fat will still melt at the temperature, and will not freeze in cold temperatures.
In the process of absorption acid fat low and medium, the digestive system the body needs passive absorption into the blood through the blood vessels of intestine and then into energy.

Different metabolism fatty acid chain length, which will undergo the process of emulsi first with the help of enzymes from the pancreatic broken into small cell (fatty acid free) and can only be absorbed by the walls of the intestine and enter the blood stream in the form of lipoprotein that will be transported to the liver to be converted into energy, cholesterol, and the rest of ditimbun in fat tissue.

So in this case we SCT Husband (Short Chain Triglycerides) and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) function Astra Honda Motor as the source of energy is Better, BECAUSE MORE metabolises That Simple.

SCTS are found in the fat of cow's milk, goat, and sheep, whereas oil is a source of rich MCT.

So How Much, saturated fats have to be consumed?

Basically needs calories every person is different depending on the purpose of every person, and there's no certainty how the value should consume fat intake is saturated.

However, as a reference to the public, people who actively have to get the value of the intake saturated fat about 25% of the fat intake is recommended. For example, You have to accept the intake daily total 80g fat, 20g of that supposed to mean about saturated fat.

Exceptions to article husband Rules Applicable to Articles utan What people follow a diet Low carb, Low carb diets tend because High fat intake.

Conversely, if the diet is low in fat (less than 30-40g fat), they should get the value of the saturated fatty acid of between about 30-40% of their fat intake.

So in fact, saturated fat is also beneficial to health, when consumed in balance as needed.

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