Metabolic Stress Make Muscles look more Nge-Pump

It is important for you to know that muscle is not a clever organ. He just followed what was ordered by the central nervous system and not more than that.

On the one hand, this condition can bring to your own advantage. Especially for those who want to get strong and muscular body. When you know the characteristics, biomechanics and anatomy associated with the activation of muscle, then your workouts will be much easier.

Well, without the need to elaborate, if you want bigger muscles and strong body is what you need to do;

Exercise Expense added
The main purpose of weight training program is to stimulate the growth of muscle cells that the body dominates muscle than fat. When many people think that the only way to get it all is by lifting weights with hundreds of reps usual, here you will know that you only have to lift a heavy load with a few reps only, provided you do it with the right technique.

In fact, the more weight that you lift the easier it will develop muscles. So you only need to focus on weight training options that can meet your needs. As an example we will try three compund exercises following the squat, deadlift and benchpress.

Use a load of 65-75 per cent of the total weight you can lift. This method can stimulate your body to engage more muscle fibers and nerves as well teach your body with a new surprise. It is important for you to know that the muscles will adapt to load fixed so that it will not grow again before you load heavier.

Once the body is getting used to the heavy load, now try to add the number of repetitions to create metabolic stress.

Create Stress Metabolic
Metabolic stress is an increase in metabolism that occur as a result of high intensity exercise. Both add to the load force and creating metabolic stress both can walk up if you do the exercises with proper technique.

What is meant here is the use of a heavy 65-75 maximum load and pause a short break between sets, then you will get a tremendous effect on your muscle growth.

There are 2 ways to create metabolic stress are:
  1. Lifting weights with a full range of motion (full motion). Maximal muscle contraction is most prevalent at the end of the movement. At this time also you will likely experience hypertrofi (muscle growth) and increase strength.
  2. Use the technique of Time Under Tension forces that set the tempo. For example, you do benchpress, lower the load in 3 seconds, then push explosively within 1 second
This will increase blood flow to the muscles involved and make it look more pump. This method has long been used by the bodybuilder world to increase strength and muscle mass, especially before they appear in the game.

Moreover, adding to the burden of training and create metabolic stress can increase insulin sensitivity, stimulates muscles to use energy resources optimally, while stimulating the endocrine system to release growth hormones like testosterone.

In addition, metabolic stress you create will make your body quicker to deliver nutrients to the muscle cells and nerve in need.

Optimize the break
The body is not designed to exercise every day. Leave 1-2 days from 7 days to recuperate exercise. Enough sleep 8-9 hours while consuming supporting nutrients such as protein and multivitamin will help recovery and muscle growth. Sleep is the best time to cause the muscles to grow optimally.


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